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Why Get Recreational Vehicle Insurance

When you buy an RV, you are thinking about all the trips you’re going to be checking off your Bucket List, and all the fun you’ll have with family and friends. You know what we mean: planning road trips each weekend, taking off to the mountains on a holiday whim, setting off for the beach the minute the temps heat up… it’s many people’s vision for their future, and a total dream come true.

The last thing that’s on your mind is probably the serious side of owning one of these vehicles. But, accidents can happen when life is on the road. You should be prepared with recreational vehicle insurance.

Are You Required to Have RV Insurance?

The exact requirements vary by state, but in most cases, you will need to have liability coverage (just like with a car or truck) if your RV is an actual motorhome. You may also need it if you’re financing or renting your recreational vehicle.

If you drive your RV, which is a Class A or B vehicle, you’ll most likely need to have minimum liability coverage. If your vehicle is towed behind a truck or SUV (which makes it a Class C vehicle) you may not be required to carry any insurance at all. Your car insurance may cover you if your RV is a pop-up, a fifth wheel, or travel trailer. If an accident happens that is your fault, your car’s liability coverage will kick in.

When You’re Not Required to Have Recreational Vehicle Insurance

If you own your RV and tow it, you may not need recreational vehicle insurance. If you have an ATV or another vehicle that falls under this category and you keep it on your land, you may not be required to have any insurance. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase a policy. There might be times when you’ll be glad you had coverage even if it’s not required by law.

Many times, your vehicle may be sitting on your property for a good amount of time. So, although your vehicle may not be in use during the winter months, it’s still at a risk for damage. A tree limb could fall on it during a winter windstorm, or it could be damaged in a snowstorm or spring flood. Any unpredictable catastrophic event could happen that might result in a complete loss. You don’t want to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement when an insurance policy would have covered the sum of the damage.

Consider the Need for Liability Coverage

Imagine this scenario: you and a friend are out riding your four-wheeler. Your friend is having a blast, and you laugh at their ambition and freedom as they veer off to take the vehicle up the road or along a trail by your house. Then, an accident occurs. Your friend is hurt on your four-wheeler. If you don’t have recreational vehicle coverage, you may be liable for the medical costs incurred with your friend’s injury.

Many people assume that their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover incidents like this one. In some cases, it might. But not if it happens off your property. Remember when you were laughing as your friend veered off to adventure on their own?

You don’t want to count on protection unless you know exactly how you’re covered and what restrictions and limitations apply.

If you don’t drive your recreational vehicle often you may be at a higher risk for an accident, as well. It can take some time to adjust to using one of these RVs safely and comfortably, which can put you in a dangerous situation. If it’s your first time travelling in your RV, or if you meet conditions you’ve never faced, you’re taking a risk. Don’t chance an accident without having the proper coverage in place:

  • Know what coverage is required by law
  • Know if another policy such as car insurance or homeowner’s insurance covers your vehicle and when
  • Know how much coverage you need for your recreational vehicle

Never underestimate the importance of recreational vehicle insurance to protect you and your assets.

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